WEEE Ireland

An overview 

Ireland’s largest electrical and battery recycling scheme, WEEE Ireland has had very successful year in 2017 and the best in its history.

The annual report published for its AGM revealed that WEEE Ireland recycled 35,708 tonnes of e-waste and 874 tonnes of waste batteries from Irish householders, consumers and businesses last year. This is on top of the Minister for Communications, Climate Action and Environment, Denis Naughten TD reapproving WEEE Ireland to  continue operations as a WEEE compliance scheme for a further five-year term.

WEEE Ireland 2
WEEE Ireland Stats

The 2017 Annual Report shows how WEEE Ireland is going beyond compliance and surpassing WEEE and Battery recycling and recovery targets. The message is WEEE recycle anything with a plug or battery! Fridges to Phones, Laptops to Lawnmowers, Toys to Power Tools, and everything in-between.  WEEE recycling and recovery system provides a safety net for developing a circular WEEE economy in Ireland and a more resource efficient future.

2018 WEEE Ireland
WEEE Ireland

Increased rates! 

The WEEE Ireland 2017 report card shows that a best in class approach to Irish WEEE compliance is working. 2017 was the best year to date in the history of the WEEE Ireland Compliance Scheme.

WEEE Ireland - Small Things Matter
WEEE Ireland – Small Things Matter

WEEE Ireland named 2017 “The year of Small WEEE” and set out to increase the collection of small waste appliances. In 2016 only 26% of small household appliances was collected for recycling however that increased to 32% in 2017 and will continue with this theme throughout 2018.

The new campaigns remind everyone that“Small Things Matter” in our WEEE recycling world.

Recycle IT – Work with WEEE Ireland

As a social enterprise, not for profit, Recycle IT work with WEEE Ireland to offer collection and drop off recycling services in Dublin and the surronding areas for all types of old, damaged or unused electrical equipment. Our engagement with WEEE Ireland, South Dublin Coutry Council and Department of Rural and Community Development through Pobal helps us provide eco employment and offer training opportunities.

Recycle IT community electircal recycling
Recycle IT community electircal recycling

You can visit Recycle IT at www.recycleit.ie or call our office between 8.30 and 4.3pm omn 01 4578321 to learn more about our award winning service.

Read the WEEE Ireland Annual Report here