Recycle IT Winter News 2021

The Recycle IT team are delighted to share our Winter 2020 / 2021 Newsletter with you. We hope you can take some time view the photos, click the links below and read about recycling initiatives in the community while also getting tips on reduce, reuse and recycling.

Recycle IT want to wish you all the best for New Year 2021

Why Should People Recycle?

What Motivates Recycling? There are many motives for recycling like reducing the need for mining, quarrying and logging trees or refining and processing new raw materials. Recycling already mined and manufactured products saves energy, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, limits air and water pollution and diminishes the negative effects on climate. The benefits of recycling are …

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Recycle IT – COVID-19 – 2021

Overview 2021 Recycle IT plan to remain open for electrical, electronic and pure metal recycling DROP OFF and COLLECTIONS during Level 5 of the Plan for Living with Covid-19. Recycling services are included in the list of essential services which can operate. Following a recent Cabinet meeting the Government has decided to introduce COVID-19 Level …

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Repair My Stuff Ireland

The mission of is to support, promote and encourage a repair industry in Ireland. This makes environmental and financial sense and if people know how and where to get products repaired they will do so! The Directory The directory is considered a guide to repairing and reusing in Ireland, and it’s FREE. This …

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New Year – Plastic Free July Update

Can you Refuse’ Single-Sse Plastic? As you know lots of electrical, electronic and metal items have a plastic cover or coating. When these items are recycle the plastic is removed and mainly reused in new products but what can be done about everyday plastic’s? In July 2018 people all over the world are aiming to exclude […]


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