Waste Reduction Week 2018 – Business can!

European Waste Reduction Week 2018

European Waste Reduction Week is run yearly and starts November 17th, 2018 running until Nov 25th This year Recycle IT want to encourage small businesses to go green for the week and longer.

What does Recycling mean?

Recycling means any recovery operation taking place after collection and by which waste materials are reprocessed into products, materials or substances whether for the original or other purposes. It includes the reprocessing of organic material but does not include energy recovery and the reprocessing into materials that are to be used as fuels or for back filling operations.

European Waste Reduction Week 2018 Support by Recycle IT
European Waste Reduction Week 2018 Support by Recycle IT

Recycle IT have assembled some easy to use office waste reduction tips and ideas which don’t cost much and will save you money in the long run!

Create a paperless office? – step by step!

It may be time to consider the idea by simply saying no to paper usage. Firstly, identify for what purposes you must use paper and how you can avoid paper use. Once you make the lists for both, then be sure to clearly announce the policy with timelines for change. then find a champions in the office to offer encouragement. Every office has an environmentally responsible person!

If your business must use paper, try to keep paper usage and waste to a minimum by

  • Encouraging everybody in the office to edit documents on computers before printing.
  • Store and share all office files digitally.
  • Use both sides of a paper by setting up computers to automatically print on two-sided.
  • Reuse small paper pieces for short memos.
  • Stop using fax machines.
  • Send report via email and share meeting documents using PowerPoint.
  • Use al lighter weight papers in the office.
  • Reuse envelopes by putting a label over the old address.
  • Make use of electronic and voicemail and avoid paper mail wherever possible.
  • Take actions to decrease unsolicited mail.
  • Get a notice board or large screen to share information with colleagues
  • Reduce spacing and margins when printing documents. (fit more on the page)
  • Reuse, plastic sleeves, files and folders.
  • Edit mailing lists to avoid sending unnecessary letter or post cards.
  • Shredded paper can be recycled / repurposed as packaging filler for delivery boxes.
  • Setup a ‘what’s app’ group to share general office information.
2018 paper waste
Office – Paperless Office

Waste Reduction Tips

  • Although paper waste constitutes the largest portion of office waste, there are other types of waste which builds up over time so here are a few ideas!
  • Purchase products with less packaging or with no packaging at all.
  • Request that your office supplies be supplied in returnable containers and then return the emptied containers to the supplier on their next visit.
  • Ask the suppliers to take packaging back for reuse or to enhance the feasibility for them to recycle large quantities of waste.
  • Manage and reduce the number ink and toner cartridges purchased and used.
  • Rent equipment that you use only occasionally rather than investing and storing in the workplace.
  • Invest in high-quality everyday equipment that is durable, reusable and repairable.
  • Encourage colleagues to have reusable cutlery, plates, and cups at their desks.
  • Encourage staff teams to bring their lunch to work in reusable containers.
  • Where opportunity permits introduce a compost or brown bin recycling at work
  • Introduce waste education sessions to get staff buy in and keep staff updated on progress.
  • Select plant landscaping that requires low maintenance and produces little waste.

Office Equipment Recycling.

Recycle electronic equipment, batteries, plastic, metal cans, and beverage containers. Consider developing a partnership with a local recycler if your office generates electronic or electrical waste.  It might benefit both organisations!

ewaste 2018
Electronic Office and Business Waste

Don’t allow old or unused electrical or electronic equipment take up space and collect dust. The sooner it is recycled, the quicker that valuable resources will be available for reuse, thus avoiding the mining of virgin raw materials.

Reduce travel, reduce carbon emissions and save money through Skype meetings or video calls. Allow staff work at home to save time, money and the planet.

To define your business or office to truly be “Green” you should consider making all the products and services your business uses and offers environmentally friendly. Start small and you will increasingly, recognise the value of environment sustainability for all your business operations

For more information please visit the European Waste Reduction Week website 

Good luck with your European Waste Reduction Week.

About Recycle IT

Recycle IT is an award-winning and the only Community Electronic Recycling Social Enterprise providing a community collection service for all types of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE). Recycle IT offered collection services to 90,000 homes and businesses across Dublin and surrounding areas each year collecting a range of WEEE including monitors, TV’s and much more.

Our services are provided in partnership with WEEE Ireland We are authorized by the National Waste Collection Permit Office and the local authority. Visit our website for further details on our work.

Pakman Finalist 2018





Reduce, Repair, Reuse or Recycle Computers

Computers – the end of life options! 

Advances hardware and software on computers, laptops tablets and smart phones helps make IT equipment go out of date very quickly. The United Nations University (UNU) found that more than 44 million metric tonnes of electronic waste were generated globally in 2016, with just 20% documented as recycled.

Old Computers - Recycle IT
Old Computers – Recycle IT

As technology continues to change better models of computers are released replacing existing models. As you keep up with the latest technology, you are likely have old computers sitting around. Old IT equipment can’t be disposed with other waste and as they get older reuse gets harder!

If you plan to replace a computer, tablet or phone at home or in the office make sure you keep all the leads, discs and instruction manuals to allow easier reuse.

Computers for Collection by Recycle IT
Computers for Collection by Recycle IT

Recycle IT promote the Reduce, Repair, Reuse and Recycle model  – you will find some guidance below


  • Use your current computer equipment for as long as possible.
  • Prior to new purchases research your IT needs. You should really know what you want from your computers, who will use the computer and for what purpose.
  • This makes it easier to buy the right computer or laptop with the correct software installed. meaning the computer can serve you needs over a longer period.
  • Check that your new computer can easily be upgraded without needing to be replaced.


  • Get support with your IT challenges using on-line technical support groups.
  • Find a computer shop or repair service close to you. A useful link – repairmystuff.ie
  • Take your computer or laptop back to the store where you bought it for warranty support.
  • Once informed about the choices, ask yourself, is repair worthwhile?


  • Approach a local community group, preschool or school and ask if they could benefit from reusing the item.
  • Offer a useful computer to a younger member of the family.
  • Donate to a charity. Call before taking computers to a charity shop as not every shop can accept electrical/electronic equipment.
  • Remove personal data and passwords safely prior to reuse.


  • Drop off your old computer to Recycle IT in Dublin for free and safe recycling.
  • Place your laptop or tables in a box and post to Recycle IT for safe recycling.
  • Have computers and all related equipment collected for recycling. (free or fee-based collections offered).
  • Recycle your really old IT for component reuse.
Hard Disk Drives – Dismantled – Recycle IT

Recycle IT – Creating Training and Jobs

Electronic items including computers which are unable to be refurbished and reused can be sent to Recycle IT at our Dublin based electronic recycling facility. IT equipment of all shapes and sizes is broken down for component parts and metal reuse. If more people, follow use this route to recycling our organisation can increase its overall sustainability and efforts to recycle. Chosing this option helps support jobs in the community and hlep with safe environmentally friendly recycling. Call our team on 01 4578321 to learn more!

Training and Work Experience - Recycle IT
Training and Work Experience – Recycle IT

Recycle IT  are an award-winning  community enterprise providing recycling collection and drop off services for all types of waste electrical, electronic equipment (WEEE) and pure metal items.

During 2017 Recycle IT offered drop off and collection services to over 90,000 homes, schools, charities and businesses across Dublin and surrounding areas collecting a range of WEEE which includes thousands of computers, cables, monitors, microwaves and TV’s.

Recycle IT services are provided in partnership with WEEE Ireland. Recycle IT are supported by Pobal, South Dublin County Council and authorized by the National Waste Collection Permit Office and the local authorities across Dublin, Kildare and Wicklow.

2018 Reuse Month with Recylce IT
2018 Reuse Month with Recylce IT

Residents Recycling – WEEE is Free

Residents Recycling; WEEE and Pure Metal

Like many Irish people you probably recycle lots of your household waste. 2016 figures from REPAK show that 98% of people in Ireland recycle in Ireland. The average household in Ireland recycled 71% of household waste in 2014 up from 65% in 2012. Overall Ireland is now 4th in Europe for packaging recycling. This is great news and well done on the paper and package front.

What about all the other types of waste accumulated in homes? As the year moves along Recycle IT want to encourage householders, families and children to think about the actions they can take to recycle more old or unwanted or stuff around your home. This can include books, clothes, games, batteries, phones and toys; the list is endless.

Recycle IT - Community Electrical Recycling
Recycle IT – Community Electrical Recycling

Recycle IT have a focus on recycling old, once loved and waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) and pure metal. If your cooker, hobs or battery operated toys, radio or phone is broken or surplus to requirements what do you do? Do you leave them to gather dust in the cupboard, attic or garden shed  or do you add them to the weekly rubbish? (out of sight, out of mind) Why not consider recycling now! We will except metal including out door heaters, bbq’s, old bikes, pots, pans and more…


In 2017 Recycle IT contacted over 88,000 homes in Dublin about recycling electrical items and our penetration rate depending on area reached an average high of 28% with homes recycling one (+) items. The average recycled weight per home was approx 43.7KGs or the equivalent of one average household dishwasher.

Many of us simply don’t realize that items with a plug or battery can be reused, re-purposed or recycled. So if your TV’s, monitors, laptops or washing machine have become obsolete think about the positive impact you can make by recycling with Recycle IT.  You can help the environment, sustain jobs and create training opportunities by taking part in our residents recycling days.

Recylcing TV's - Recycle IT
TV Recycling By Recycle IT

12 Reasons to avail of Free WEEE Recycle

  1. Recycling conserves resources e.g. metal, plastics, water, fuel.
  2. Recycling reduces clutter and creates space.
  3. Recycling helps reduce Co2 emissions.
  4. Recycling saves energy.
  5. Recycling helps protect the environment e.g climate change
  6. Recycling reduces landfill.
  7. Recycling reduces domestic waste charges.
  8. Recycling help create and maintain local employment.
  9. Recycling encourages others in your community to recycle.
  10. Recycling using official locations or collections reduces dumping of waste.
  11. Recycling helps our children learn about sustainability so involve your kids.
  12. Recycling provides access to materials for repurposing and reuse by others

You can drop off your items free of charge with Recycle IT or arrange a residents association collection for you and all your neighbours once loved electronic toys, laptops, PCs, white goods, kitchen appliances, electric gardening tools, TV’s, old video games consoles and lots more.

Once received the items, they can be reused, re-purposed or recycled leading to an overall reduction in the number electrical items going to landfill or illegally shipped to third world countries. Another real benefit is the fact that our service helps create training and employment opportunities.

Recycle IT - Residents WEEE Colection
Recycle IT – Residents WEEE Collection – Dublin

What has been achieved in Ireland to date

  • 90,000 ton reductions in CO2 emissions from Fridge Freezers.
  • 75 million electrical appliances already collected through WEEE Ireland.
  • A reduction in harmful batteries ending up in landfill.
  • Fewer light bulbs found in domestic waste.
  • Increased employment opportunities.
  • Better overall environmental awareness.

Recycle IT an award winning community recycler wishes to build on Ireland’s recycling success story and help increase the 7.6 kg of waste electronic and electrical equipment recycled per person, per year. We are inviting resident associations and community groups including tidy towns to speak with us about arranging a FREE collection in your area over the coming months.

Our recycling service is provided FREE to resident associations and communities  in South Dublin, Dublin City and Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown with surronding areas in Wicklow and Kildare also serviced so please give us a call to learn more and arrange a residents collection for your area.

Please call us on 01 4578321 or email info@recycleit.ie.

Remember dropping into our site in Clondalkin is also FREE, Monday to Friday between 8.30am and 3pm. We can also arrange a cost-effective personal collection with a few days of order. Call 014578321 now for more information

Recycle IT Winner Pakman 17
Recycle IT are Repak Community Recycler of the Year 2017


Recycling for Reuse Month – start with old metal

Reusing for Change

Recycling in Ireland has become increasingly important in both homes and organisations. It helps to address aims such as waste cost reduction, waste management, better use of limited resources, and leads to a reduction the amount of waste going to landfill and incineration.

2018 Metal
Mountains of Metal

The five R’s of recycling (Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose, Recycle) can be very helpful in reducing usage and waste of items including paper, plastics, glass, cardboard and metals in there many shapes and forms.

We believe people sometimes forget to recycle metal for reuse!  Recycling old bikes, lockers, shelves, pots and pans all made from metal helps reduce pollution, saves resources, reduces waste going for landfill or incineration and prevents the destruction of natural habitats lost through mining new ore.

Recycle IT view our recycling facility as a metal mine in Dublin city, rich with resources that can be reused to preserve the environment, at a fraction of the cost of mining and refining metals sourced directly from the earth.

Reuse Month 2016 DCC 1
Reuse Month Starts Oct 1 2018 (no need to wait!)

Old or scrap metal is not waste or rubbish, it is a continuous and reusable resource found all around us and takes the form of heaters, metal tables, chairs, shelves, BBQs and much more. Scrap metal is one of our most precious resources. Why? Because it can be melted to form new products repeatedly. Metal is a resource that never stops giving back so why not bring all your old metal items both large and small free to Recycle IT.

Environmental Benefits

Metal recycling conserves natural resources by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and using less energy than produced when mining. The production of new metal releases a far greater amount of greenhouse gas emissions compared with making products from recycled metal. These emissions may influence climate, the natural environment, levels of air pollution and general health and wellbeing. The Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI) reports that recycling metal may cut greenhouse gas emissions by 300 million to 500 million tons. By reusing scrap metal instead of virgin ore, related mining waste and water related to processing is greatly reduced.

2018 Scrap Metal
Old Scrap Metal

Energy Benefits

Generally the amount of energy saved depends on the material being recycled, almost all recycling operations result in energy savings. The American Geosciences Institute reported that over 89 million tons of municipal solid waste (food, plants, glass, boxes, cans, batteries, electronics, plastics, etc.) were recycled or composed in the USA saving over 322,000 GWh of energy11 – enough to provide electricity to 30 million homes.

The amount of energy saved using various recycled metals compared to virgin ore can be 92 % for aluminium, 90 % for copper and 56 % for steel According to the U.S. EPA, if you recycle one average size drink can, you can save enough energy to power a 60-watt light bulb for approx. four hours.

Economic Benefits

Recycling metal with Recycle IT helps maintain jobs and can create new training and employment opportunities as we recycle more. If you have old metal at home or in the office drop it off for free to our social enterprise. You won’t get paid a premium, but you will be supporting us manage training and employment opportunities in South Dublin.

12018 stainless-steel
Stainless Steel from Homes

Reuse Month 2018

Recycle IT as a member  Community Reuse Network works to promote National Reuse Month as a yearly waste prevention initiative to raise awareness about the economic and environmental benefits of reusing everyday items and materials that would otherwise go to waste. Throughout October 2018, there will be events to promote ways for families, businesses and communities to reuse. For more information on Reuse Month contact the Community Reuse Network Ireland by clicking here

Learning will include, how we can foster products repairability and recyclability at design stage. Register here for the October 2nd webinar “Designed to last?”

Arrange to Recycle 

Prior and during to Reuse Month 2018 you can arrange a free drop off or cost-effective  collection of old  pure metal, electrical and electronic items by calling our team on 01 4578321 or email info@recycleit.ie – collection are free to schools, colleges, community groups and charities.

2017 Award Winner Recycle IT JPEG

Recycle IT – Repak Award Winner 2017