School Recycling Collections….are back

Free Collection Service

Schools, colleges, and training organizations located in Dublin and surronding areas now have the opportunity to recycle old and once valued electrical, electronic and pure metal equipment. If you need to declutter and create space recycling safely can help.

The service is offered free and is dedicated to reducing large amounts of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) which accumulates in classrooms, canteens, stores, and labs over time.

Unused Electronic Equipment – Recycle IT

Recycle IT, is a community based social enterprise, offering a simple and efficient route to recycle disused electrical and electronic items. After collection, items are broken down and recovered materials are processed for use in the manufacture of a new product. Your recycling helps sustain our organization and create employment and training opportunities.

The free collection service helps safely divert e-waste from landfill and makes use of old items that may have been thrown away. The types of items usually collected include computers, kitchen equipment, phone systems, mobile phones, laptops, tablets, monitors, projectors, printers, battery-operated toys, televisions, and radios. Please click here for a full list 

School Printers - Recycle IT
School Printers – Recycle IT

Schools, Community and Fundraising 

Our school’s collection service is organised as part of our free community collection service. We also support WEEE Ireland with collections of batteries from schools around Dublin which in turn supports the work of LauraLynn Children’s Hospice.

During the last 18 months, we worked with hundreds of schools, colleges, and training organizations all over Dublin and saw an overall increase in electrical equipment collected for recycling with a similar trend in 2019.

During 2020 after a period away from work our team returned and now worked within the COVID 19 guidelines to operate our recycling service safely.

We encourage students, parents, and teachers to get involved by taking in once loved electrical items from home (WEEE to School Day). We promote these type of initiatives to increase awareness of electrical recycling and encourage the next generation to recycle as a norm. Recycling electrical equipment might also help your school achieve or maintain your valued Green Flag

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Register an interest

Schools, colleges and trainers wishing to register or schedule a collection simply need to complete a registration form by clicking here or call our team on 01 4578321 between 9am and 3pm, Monday – Friday. Once you call or email we can help you plan and schedule your e-waste collection.

For more information about Recycle IT please click here.

About Recycle IT

Recycle IT is an award-winning, not for profit, social enterprise established to create employment and promote environmental awareness through recycling and reuse. We work in partnership with WEEE Ireland and are authorized by your local authority to provide electrical, electronic and pure metal recycling collections across Dublin since 2007. Recycle IT are fully compliant for WEEE collection with permit detail available here.

CSR Commended - Recycle IT
Recycle IT – Commended for Corporate Social Responsibility

Waste and Recycling list for Ireland

Waste List – what to recycle. 

Do you, your family, friends and colleagues at work really know the waste items which go in your different bins? Unsure what packaging goes where or can be recycled? Asking yourself what should go into the general waste bin?

The Recycling List Ireland is a national standardised list of items that are accepted as part of the recycling service throughout Ireland. The lists are really helpful! 

You will find the most recently published and nationally agreed household recycling waste list in picture format below as well as a downloadable booklet on Waste Prevention and Recycling Trick and Tips.

Remember if it’s not on the waste list it doesn’t belong in the bin. Please make sure that all items are clean, dry and placed loosely in the bin.

Waste Prevention Tips


Today we are recovering and recycling 35% of its plastic waste, considerably ahead of EU targets, but those targets were about to double. A yearly total of 95,000 tons of plastic are recycled, but this figure will need to increase to match the 190,000 tons which are the new target for Ireland. You can help by recycling the below plastics.

Rigid Plastic – Recycle IT

Tins and Cans 

Steel tins and cans are commonly used for anything from coffee to soup and pet food. They are one of the most recycled materials in Ireland. Recycling a tin or steel cans is easy, just give them a quick wash out and drop them in the bins.

Recycling Tin and Cans

Paper and Cardboard

Used paper and cardboard can be turned into new paper or cardboard, but the quality of the material usually diminishes with each recycling treatment. After five to seven reuses the material has reached its useful end but there is a solution – by adding new paper fibres to each recycling cycle paper is given lots for extra life. Good news for us!

Paper and Cardboard – Recycle IT

Recycled materials such as paper and cardboard, metals and plastic are commodities which can be sold on the global market but the prices and demand for material constantly fluctuate. In order for these materials to reach their maximum value they need to be presented clean and sorted so please do your best when placing them in the bin.

Waste list 1
Waste List – Clean, Empty, Loose.

Waste list –  why?

As you may be aware, China has introduced an import ban on 24 categories of solid waste, including a ban on some paper and plastics which are used by retailers as packaging for many household items. This packaging usually ends up in your recycling bin. The ban by China (which is their right) resulted in a problem for waste companies. It has been hard to find new outlets/countries to dispose of this waste. (you have to ask why should others accept our waste). This has resulted in prices increases with fees now introduced for green bin collections.

Please note, electrical, electronic or battery-operated items (including batteries) don’t go in the recycle bin. Old phones, kettles, toasters, electronic toys, batteries and  much more can be recycled with Recycle IT – You with find a full list of items here 

To download the most recent Waste Prevention and Recycling Tricks and Tips booklet click the link

About Recycle IT

Recycle IT is an award-winning not for profit social enterprise providing a collection and drop off service for all types of waste electrical, electronic and metal items. During the last 18 months Recycle IT offer drop-off and collection service to 111,000 homes and organizations in Dublin and surrounding areas collecting a range of WEEE which includes thousands of dishwashers, computers, cables, monitors, microwaves, screens, and metal items.

Old Electrical Items for Recycling
Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) – Recycle IT

Our electrical community collection service is provided in partnership with WEEE Ireland. Recycle IT are supported by Pobal, South Dublin County Council and authorized by the National Waste Collection Permit Office and the local authorities across Dublin, Kildare and Wicklow.

Call us on 01 4578321 or email us at here

Visit our website

IMG_0453 (2)
Recycle IT – Repak Award Winner 2019 – WEEE Champion

Social Enterprise – Buying for Community Impact

Business like any Other! 

A social enterprise is an enterprise, which operates like a business but also pays attention to reducing community concerns and challenges in areas like training, employment, housing, care, education, environmental pollution, recycling and more. Actions and impacts are achieved through business operations. Recycle IT is a social enterprise based in Dublin.

You will agree most rational consumers make a purchase decision based on the exchange of value, usually money. Most of the traditional buying decisions are based on product or service quality, value, performance or benefits so a social enterprise has to match this expectation. It”s just not good enough to be a not for profit social enterprise and trade on that!!

Trading Through Social Enterprise

Conscious Consumers 

Becoming a social consumer is about making socially responsible choices when spending your hard-earned income. Thinking about how best to spend your earnings can be an easy way of taking responsibility for your choices and purchase decisions.

In our estimation, the number of socially conscious consumers in Ireland taking responsibility is on the rise. As more social enterprises offer great and in-demand products and services consumers are happy to use their spending power on those products and services. When you decide to buy from a social enterprise, your spending is reused to support a range of social endeavours.

A large portion of social enterprises in Ireland work with individuals or are located in socially and economically disadvantaged communities. Their goals can include creating training and employment opportunities for disadvantaged groups such as early school leavers, people with differing abilities, ethnic groups, ex-offenders and others. 

Making the Difference

When you buy from a social enterprise you actually invest in people, not profit. You can really help make changes to the lives of others by improving communities around you. Your decision to purchase can help support people in learning new skills, building confidence, working in teams and earning an income for delivering products and/or service in communities all over Ireland.

Change is Good

Lots of social enterprises offer innovation around their products and service offering meaning that you will get great quality and reliability;  whether that’s FairTrade coffee, hand-stitched clothes, second-hand furniture or easy mattress recycling.

Buying social doesn’t have to mean skimping on quality. Do your research on local social enterprises, check reviews to see what others say and call to learn more. If you like what you see or hear,  why not give them a try.

Customer Journey

Feeling Connected

It can be hard to know where your money ends up when you buy from larger organisations. Sometimes you need to check if companies are connected to operations in other countries and if your money could end supporting an unethical or environmentally hazardous activity, employing child labour or polluting rivers and lakes. When you buy from a local social enterprise, their business practices are generally transparent and guided by local rules and regulation. You should feel better knowing your money is being used for positive impacts.


Over the last few years Recycle IT has seen a greater number of organisational and personal consumers consider our social enterprise as an option and solution for their electrical, electronic and metal recycling needs. There is no reason why this experience can be shared by other social enterprises once consumers are aware, have a need and are willing to spend! 

European Picture

The EU has helped complied country reports to provide a comprehensive picture of social enterprises and their eco-systems in France, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Slovakia, Poland and Ireland based on a common definition. A concise EU report sums up key lessons on the recent developments in Europe.

An important finding is that both social economy and social enterprises have shown resilience and job retention during economic crises and beyond

In Closing 

Growth of social enterprise is an emerging trend worldwide. Climate change, human vulnerability, environmental degradation, poverty, homelessness, unemployment, mental health, differing abilities, unethical business practices are some of the factors driving growth.

Team Work

The characteristics of social enterprises demonstrate they are businesses which trade for social purposes including change. They reinvest surplus earning in their primary goals and work to maintain a high ethical standard in the delivery of products and/or services.

We encourage you to find social enterprises close to you and if suitable use their offerings to address your needs, in other words, buy from them if it suits you!

You will find a list of social enterprises (some, not all) operating in Ireland here

About Recycle IT

Recycle IT, is an award-winning social enterprise offering electrical, electronic and metal recycling services through drop off and collection. Services are provided in partnership with WEEE Ireland and South Dublin County Council.

Recycle IT are supported by Pobal and Dormant Accounts and authorised by the National Waste Collection Permit Office and the local authorities across Dublin, Kildare and Wicklow.

For more information on Recycle IT please call 01 4578321, email or visit our website

Van 2020
Van with Recycle IT Logo




Reduce, Repair, Reuse or Recycle Computers

Computers – the end of life options! 

Advances hardware and software on computers, laptops tablets, and smartphones help make IT equipment go out of date very quickly. The United Nations University (UNU) found that more than 44 million metric tonnes of electronic waste was generated globally in 2016, with just 20% documented as recycled. According to a 2019 UN report, Global ewaste production is on track to reach 120 million tonnes per year by 2050 – Time to act!

Old Computers - Recycle IT
Old Computers – Recycle IT

As technology continues to change better models of computers are released replacing existing models. As you keep up with the latest technology, you likely have old computers sitting around. Old IT equipment can’t be disposed with other waste and as they get older reuse gets harder!

If you plan to replace a computer, tablet or phone at home or in the office make sure you keep all the leads, discs and instruction manuals to allow easier reuse. Have a read below to learn more about reduce, repair, reuse and recycle 


  • Use your current computer equipment for as long as possible.
  • Prior to new purchases research, your IT needs. You should really know what you want from your computers, who will use the computer and for what purpose.
  • This makes it easier to buy the right computer or laptop with the correct software installed. meaning the computer can serve your needs over a longer period.
  • Check that your new computer can easily be upgraded without needing to be replaced.


  • Get support with your IT challenges using online technical support groups.
  • Find a computer shop or repair service close to you. A useful link –
  • Take your computer or laptop back to the store where you bought it for warranty support.
  • Once informed about choices, ask yourself; Is repair worthwhile?

Computers for Recycling


  • Approach a local community group, preschool or school and ask if they could benefit from reusing the item.
  • Offer a useful computer to a younger member of the family.
  • Donate to a charity. Call before taking computers to a charity shop as not every shop can accept electrical/electronic equipment.
  • Remove personal data and passwords safely prior to reuse.


  • Drop off your old computer to Recycle IT in Dublin for free and safe recycling.
  • Place your laptop or tablet in a box and post to Recycle IT for safe recycling.
  • Have computers and all related equipment collected for recycling. (free or fee-based collections offered).
  • Recycle your really old IT for component reuse.

Hard Disk Drives – Dismantled – Recycle IT

Recycle IT – Creating Training and Jobs

Electronic items including computers which are too old to be refurbished and reused can be sent to Recycle IT at our Dublin based electronic recycling facility.

IT equipment of all shapes and sizes is broken down for component parts and metal reuse. If more people, follow use this route to recycling our organization can increase its overall sustainability and efforts to recycle. For more information on computer recycling please click here

Choosing IT or computer recycling options through Recycle IT supports real jobs and training opportunities in our community and helps with safe environmentally friendly recycling in partnership with WEEE Ireland.  Please call our team on 01 4578321 to learn more!

Recycle IT – Team Work

About Recycle IT

Recycle IT  are an award-winning community enterprise providing recycling collection and drop off services for all types of waste electrical, electronic equipment (WEEE) and pure metal items.

During 2018 Recycle IT offered to drop off and collection services to tens of thousands of homes, schools, charities and businesses across Dublin and surrounding areas collecting a range of WEEE which includes thousands of computers, cables, monitors, microwaves and screens

Recycle IT services are provided in partnership with WEEE Ireland. Recycle IT is supported by Pobal, South Dublin County Council and authorized by the National Waste Collection Permit Office and the local authorities across Dublin, Kildare and Wicklow.

Recycle IT - Collection Service
Recycle IT – Collection Service

Recycle IT – Learning with Communities

Technological University Dublin

The Community Engagement Programme, Students Learning with Communities has worked with over 100 community organizations as partners on real-life projects that benefit the lives of many individuals while also enhancing student learning.

205-CMN_5054 twitter-600x428

Since 2008, over 10,000 students and 170 staff at DIT now Technological University (TU) Dublin have collaborated on over 500 projects in Ireland and internationally. The Community Engagement Programme is managed by the Access and Civic Engagement Office at TU Dublin.


Learning with Communities allows students to improve their knowledge on a range of subjects in collaboration with community organisations. Student groups engage in a specific project or tasks with a chosen community organization.  The programme is mutually beneficial as it;

  1. Progresses the community organization’s aims and objectives.
  2. Enables community partner to become part of the education process contributing to the academic and professional development of the student.

Award-Winning TU Business Analytics Students

Many undergraduate programmes at TU Dublin offer students the opportunity to become involved in collaborative projects in the community. Students gain an understanding of the efforts required to generate real and sustaining value and their insight can enable organisations to think about doing things differently.


Recycle IT have engaged over a number of years and find the TU Dublin Community Engagement Programme very helpful and worthwhile.  During 2018/ 2019 students learned how Recycle IT, operate as a social enterprise to achieve its social, economic and environmental goals.  The student groups learn about the limitations and constraints faced and got an overview of the services provided which benefit communities, charities, business, and employment.

Recycle IT try to encourage students to become advocates for social enterprise by sharing news on their outputs with other students and academic staff during college and with colleagues when employed.

TU Dublin
TU Dublin Logo

Overall the engagement with TU students in 2019 helped generate new ideas and has identified some advances which once implemented will enhance recycling capabilities, data entry, and reporting.

As a result of our engagement Recycle IT was invited to attend the annual TU Dublin City Campus, Students Learning With Communities Awards. The award event happened in St. Laurence’s Church, TU Grangegorman in Dublin 7 on May 7th, 2019 with student and community partner certificates presented by Prof Brian Norton, TU Dublin Principal of TU Dublin City Campus.

Recycle IT – TU Dublin Community Partner

Recycle IT were delighted to be presented with a Learning With Communities Award following our engagement with a group of students from TU Dublin, City Campus, Aungier Street. The students studied Business Analytics and through the engagement,  shared their knowledge and learning with Recycle IT.

Based on our attendance and experience the awards really do celebrate the great work and joint effort of students, academic staff and community partners.

To learn more please click here

About Recycle IT

Recycle IT, are an award-winning Dublin based social enterprise offering electrical, electronic and metal recycling. Services are provided in partnership with WEEE Ireland. Recycle IT are supported by Pobal, the Dormant Accounts Fund, South Dublin County Council and authorized by the National Waste Collection Permit Office and the local authorities across Dublin, Kildare and Wicklow.

For further details about our free and cost-effective services call us on 01 4578321, email or visit the Recycle IT website at

Recycle IT
Recycle IT – Collecting all over Dublin