Electronic Data Safety for Homes and Small Offices

PC and Laptop Hard Disk Drives!

Did you know that multinational Hard Disk Drive producers Seagate and Western Digital share over 85% of the market? Correspondingly, the growth or decline in hard drive shipments for desktops and laptops by both Seagate and Western Digital are closely related to global desktop and laptop sales.

RTE reported that sales of personal computers were expected to decline by 2.7%  in 2017 with technology research firm IDC predicting that PC shipments will fall by 4% in 2018. Most PC shipped will included a Hard Disk Drive.

In 2019, global unit shipments of Hard Disk Drives (HDDs) fell to 316.3 million units, with forecasts for 2020 predicting shipments will fall once more to 296.22 million units. Looking ahead, as per sources, high-capacity enterprise HDD shipments are expected to grow, although at a slower rate than previously forecast.  (Source: Statista)

Hard Disk Drives – Recycle IT

Creating Data

Even with PC sales slowing we are all still large consumers of information and we’re buying lots of electronic equipment which include hard disk drives (HDD) to store business and personal customer data including photos of everything from our kids to bank statements and passwords.

Did you know that 90% of the data on the internet has been created since 2016? The is according to an IBM Marketing Cloud study which suggests individuals, organizations, and devices have all become data creators who are turning out vast amounts of information to the internet daily.


Today data can be stored on computers, external hard drives, mobile phones, tablets, memory cards, memory keys or many other storage devices. Both business and personal data is stored and can be valuable to others. Information like credit card information, photos or customer contact details, medical history and much more.

So if you are upgrading to a new computer device (desktop computer, phone, laptop, tablet, etc.) please arrange for the removal of the hard drive at the same time as recycling the computer!

It’s important to remain mindful of removing, erasing and destroying data which is important to you.

Hard Disk Drives for Destruction – Recycle IT

What to Do next?

The key to destroying your computer HDD is ensuring the drive can’t ever spin again. The physical destruction of the drive means increased confidence that stored data is obliterated and can never be used again. This is the method to Recycle IT practice.

In the interest of time and money, you don’t need to destroy the full PC or laptop, just the hard disk drive (HDD) which is a small box inside of computer, servers or laptop.

How to Destroy Hard Disk Drives 

If you are disposing of an old computer with a hard drive, it’s best to physically destroy the hard drive just to be 100% certain that the old data is completely destroyed.

Recycle IT use trained personal and electronic tools to ensure the HDD is physically destroyed. This method is an ideal option for the disposal of home or office hard drives.

Hard Disk Drive - Recycle IT
Hard Disk Drive – Recycle IT

Safety in Destruction

Our team takes every precaution from wearing protective goggles, gloves, and a dust mask for mouth and nose when cutting into the metal drive. They can cut right through the drive, from one side to the other multiple times ensuring the platters and the controller board are shattered.  Recycle IT can also provide destruction and disposal certification depending on your needs.


Not matter who or what method you choose, it’s best to arrange the destruction of old hard drives containing important information before or at the time of recycling your computers, laptops, phones, etc.  Recycle IT offer the service and the opportunity to view the destruction process.

About Recycle IT

Recycle IT is an award-winning, not for profit, social enterprise established to create employment and promote environmental awareness through recycling and reuse. We work in partnership with WEEE Ireland and are authorized by your local authority to provide electrical, electronic and pure metal recycling collections across Dublin since 2007. Recycle IT are fully compliant for WEEE collection with permit detail available here.

To speak with Recycle IT please call 01 4578321 or email us at here

Visit our website www.recycleit.ie

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