11 Ways to a Greener Christmas

Greener Christmas Cheer

Christmas time is one of the easiest holidays to green up. With a simple focus on giving thanks rather than gifts, we can honour our family and friends and help the environment in which we live.  Reading and sharing the 11 suggestions below can help make your festive celebration more environmentally friendly in 2019.

Real Xmas Trees 2018
Real Christmas Trees 

11 Ways to Make Christmas Greener

  1. Decorate from nature by adorning your home and dinner table with natural and homemade festive decorations. Maybe fill clear vases with pinecones, or acorns and place holly, ivy and other colourful leaves on dining tables.
  2. Use your normal dishes with cloth napkins. Disposable plastic or foil serving plates and dishes and plastic utensils create tons and tons of waste. If reusable does not work for you choose disposable plates, cups, napkins and utensils made from 100% recycled paper or cardboard, they are compostable.
  3. Reuse or borrow rather than buy. Choose reusable containers and cookware or borrow extra dishes, platters and special bakeware for your Christmas feast. If you’re going to someone else’s home, bring your own reusable container for leftovers.
  4. Manage your energy use. If you are serving dishes that need to be cooked at the same temperature, place them all in the oven at the same time to reduce energy usage and prep time. Have some of your ingredients, like butter, at room temperature to reduce stove-top melting time.
  5. Stay close to home or share transport. Travelling kilometres to share a single meal with family and friends is not the eco-friendliest ways to spend Christmas day. Staying at home means a smaller carbon footprint. If you are attending a large family gathering over Christmas share transport with other family members or avail of public transport to reduce the carbon kilometres.
  6. Prepare and cook less food. Families feel it’s necessary to cook a huge turkey and prepare numerous side dishes. It may be better to select a smaller turkey and skip less-popular starters and sides to reduce food waste.
  7. Smaller plates can mean less festive food waste. Children tend to eat smaller amounts and then head off to play with Santa gifts while adults tend to fill their plate with everything that looks appealing. A smaller plate means your guests will choose less in the first place and come back for seconds.
  8. Shop local and organic. Why not pay your local farm shop or butcher a visit? Buying local and sustainable food can help create jobs and grow our rural and urban economies, preserve farming and improves the environment.
  9. Compost kitchen waste. Composting can have a big impact on the environment. It can help reduces greenhouse gas emissions, as decomposition in landfills creates methane, while Incineration can release other forms of air pollution.
  10. Water – use tap water. Many brands of bottled water and soft drink result in plastic waste. Water is expensive to buy compared to tap water and soft drinks are often full of sugar so why not make the change this year!
  11. Turn off Christmas lights when leaving the house. It’s the safe thing to do, saves money and the environment.
Green Xmas 2018
Wishing Everyone a Greener Festive Season 

Our advice for Christmas 2019 involves slowing down while allowing yourself permission to say “No” and focus your attention on the spirit, warmth and joy of the season. Connect with the beauty of the environment and the seasonal changes while making time for family and friends and the traditions which create memories.

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Happy Christmas from the Recycle IT Team

Christmas Banner 2019
Merry Christmas 2019 from Recycle IT


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