Reuse Month 2017 – 38 Tips

Reuse Month 2017

Reuse is an easy way to protect our environment and climate while ensuring the wellbeing of our community over the coming years. The success of reuse depends on active participation of all member of the community. Young and old can make a difference and Reuse Month, starting October 1st 2017 is a great place to start!

Reuse Month
Reuse Month 2017 – Supported by Recycle IT

By everyone doing a little, we all can reduce the amount of waste that is deposited in landfill or incinerated. Thinking about the reuse of materials made from recycled materials helps maintain the recycling circle and its part in the circular  economy.

We have listed 37 reduce and reuse tips – You might use some!

  1. Get on a bike and reuse daily for local activities or transport to work.
  2. Repair and reuse bike tyre tubes following a puncture.
  3. Reuse old pillows as stuffing for new cushions.
  4. Use both sides of the page when writing or drawing.
  5. Give your kids or local schools part used printed paper for drawing.
  6. Bring your food to school or work using a reusable hardware tub.
  7. Rent or hire school books and supplies (reuse).
  8. Hire gardening tools that you only use occasionally.
  9. Opt for low-energy light bulbs.
  10. Give your unwanted clothes a second life – rework or reuse.
  11. Research purchases e.g. appliances and televisions, to determine the most energy-efficient, durable, and repairable.
  12. Choose to buy bars of soap rather than liquid soaps.
  13. Choose long life, durable and reuseable products e.g. razors or ink pens.
  14. Use rechargeable batteries at home or in office appliances.
  15. Avoid unnecessary purchasing of occasion products, e.g. Halloween, Christmas and Easter.
  16. Offer virtual gifts, such as tickets for a show, sports event or concert leading to reduce material content.
  17. Choose eco-friendly products – read the labels.
  18. Buys product with less or no packaging.
  19. Buy regular use products in bulk, e.g. tinned and jarred products.
  20. Reuse shopping bags.
  21. Try refillable products e.g. kids drinks or food pouches.
  22. Reuse plastic bottles for water from the tap.
  23. Bring a mug to work or the coffee shop for your daily coffee or tea.
  24. Drink tap water in the office from a reusable glass or cup.
  25. Prepared food at home for picnics while
  26. Reuse flasks, tubs, knives, forks, and reusable carry bags
  27. Use washable cloth napkins, sponges, and dish cloths.
  28. Choose fresh food rather than processed food – healthier & less packaging.
  29. Share files over email or file sharing. tools e.g. dropbox; to reduce printing.
  30. Recycle and consider purchasing reused ink cartridges.
  31. Reuse glass jars to store food, nails, screws and other useful household items.
  32. Punch holes in small jam jar lids to create a cheese or spice shaker.
  33. Approach office supply companies about purchasing used office equipment.
  34. Use you bike for exercise – rather than taking the car to the gym.
  35. Car share where distances are longer and where public transport is not accessible.
  36. Use only what you need e.g. one paper napkin, one ketchup, one salt instead of a handfuls.
  37. Take home any uneaten from restaurants in a doggie bag or box e.g. pizza
  38. Reuse garden cuttings to create a composed natural fertilizer.
Jar Reuse - Reuse Month 2017
Jar Reuse – Reuse Month 2017

Reuse Today

In Ireland reuse is a means to prevent solid waste entering the landfill or an incinerator. Local reuse improves our communities, and increases the wellbeing of local people by creating a reuse market place where some items are free to reuse or cheaper to buy.  By taking useful products and reusing them they get a second and third life.  Reuse can make children happy and parents less stressed. It can allow people test out a new hobby or simply save money and reduce visits to the shops.

About Recycle IT

Recycle IT is the only Community Electronic Recycling Social Enterprise in Dublin providing a community collection service for all types of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE). Recycle IT offered collection services to 100,000 homes and businesses across Dublin and surrounding areas each year collecting a range of WEEE including monitors, TV’s and much more.

Our services are provided in partnership with WEEE Ireland We are authorized by the National Waste Collection Permit Office and the local authority. Visit our website for further details or learn more about reuse month here

Recycle IT – Pakman Award Finalist 2017

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