Bulbs not Bonfires

Bulbs not Bonfires in South Dublin 

In Ireland, Halloween bonfires and fireworks are illegal, very dangerous and can have lasting consequences on personal and environmental health, safety and wellbeing. Evidence suggests that young people are the most likely to be injured in incidents involving bonfires and fireworks. We also know bonfires; release toxic fumes into the atmosphere and the physical environment is scarred for months after.

Safe and Eco-Friendly Halloween
Safe and Eco-Friendly Halloween

Over recent years there has been a reduction in the number of bonfires in Dublin which is great news. This reduction helps save County Councils and communities thousands of hours and euros on cleanups which can then be reallocated to other worthwhile purposes.

This year as Halloween approaches South Dublin County Council wants to encouraging people to have a Safe Halloween by providing communities with daffodil bulbs to plant which will result in lovely spring flowers. These flowers aim to replace scarred and damaged open space which can be viewed throughout the year and are the aftermath of bonfires.

 Daffodil Flowers
Bulbs not Bonfires – Daffodil Flowers


Bulbs not Bonfires is a reward in the South Dublin County Council’s Social Credits Scheme. This scheme rewards community groups for undertaking local pro-environmental / non-bonfire orientated Halloween activities and projects.

Community groups, environmental groups, resident associations and schools can apply for BULBS outlining a plan to create a Safe Halloween. Applicants must also nominate the site location for planting and submit photos of the site along with their applications.

How Recycle IT can help?

If your community gets involved and needs a little help with the recycling of old electrical items during the period leading up to Halloween Recycle IT are happy to support.  We work yearly with community groups, schools and local resident’s groups to arrange authorised electrical recycling collections or drop offs which reduces the likelihood of electrical items such as bulbs or batteries finding their way onto bonfires. Just click here for our contact details.

Bulbs not Bonfires application can be sent to envawareness@sdublincoco.ie

The closing date for applications is Friday 13th October 2017. All applications will be dealt with on a first come first served rule.

Good luck and enjoy Halloween 2017.


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