Autumn Waste Reduction by Recycle IT

Waste Reduction Ideas from Recycle IT

Today more than ever before we understand our planet and how it works. We receive green news updates daily from many different sources and information about the earth, its ecosystems and the impacts of human activity is at our finger tips immediately.

As you know careful management of natural resources will have a long-lasting and positive effect on our environment and our way of life. We all have responsibility for ensuring that our government and local communities work together to protect our environment and our precious resources

Shopping Basket


As a starting point Recycle IT looked at a popular pastime in Ireland, “Shopping.We assembled some tips below which hopefully can help you do an eco-friendly and green shop the next time out!

15 Eco Tips for Shopping

  1. Look at need V want – ask yourself if you really need the item or really want unnecessary items?
  2. Always make a list – buy only what you need and stop impulse buying by sticking to the list.
  3. It’s best not to shop when you’re hungry.
  4. Don’t bring your kids shopping – it is stressful at times and you leave with more wants than needs!
  5. Choose products – with no packaging or recyclable packaging (fresh fruit Vs frozen)
  6. Buy fresh fruit & veggies – with no packaging or it’s even better if you grow your own!
  7. Buy and use less household cleaners, always read the labels and look for natural and safe alternatives if your think cleaning products are toxic.
  8. Try buying everyday items in bulk; it reduces the amount of packaging and saves money e.g. rice and pasta.
  9. Move to reusable products – avoid single use products like batteries, nappies, disposable razors, plates or cutlery.
  10. Ask yourself some questions when shopping – Is it reliable? Can it be repaired, refilled, reused and restored?
  11. How will the product look, feel and function as it gets older? e.g. electrical or electronic items.
  12. Consider buying second-hand, hiring / renting or borrowing occasionally used items around the house e.g. share a lawn mower
  13. Use your local library to access books, games, movies and events.
  14. Every purchase makes an impact, your pocket as well as the environment so shop wise and ethically.
  15. Plan shopping trips so you don’t have to go out multiple times. This save time, money and can help reduces CO2 emissions for transport users.
Shopping Bag
Recycle your Euro’s – Shop Green and Local

The Green Shopper 

Shopping with a sustainable mindset can help save money and achieve your eco principles. Try shopping local, grow your own and source products from businesses with real sustainable values. There are lots of small business owners making the effort to be environmentally friendly so keep an eye out and support them when you can!

About Recycle IT

Recycle IT is the only Community Electronic Recycling Social Enterprise in Dublin providing a community collection service for all types of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE). Recycle IT offered collection services to 100,000 homes and businesses across Dublin and surrounding areas yearly collecting a range of WEEE including monitors, TV’s. and much more  Our services are provided in partnership with WEEE Ireland We are authorized by the National Waste Collection Permit Office and the local authority. Visit our website for further details.

Recycle IT - Pakman Award Winner 2016
Recycle IT – Pakman Award Winner 2016

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