How WEEE Works – Schools learn more!

WEEE Workshops for Schools

Recycle IT works to recycle a range of electronic and electrical equipment daily. You never know what will come through the facility next, anything from battery operated toys to a school printer or treadmill from a home. The most common appliances received include TV’s dishwashers and washing machines. We get them for collection or drops off each week.

As part of our work with schools we have developed a demonstration workshop called “How WEEE Works. The workshop demonstrates how to reduce , recover, reuse and recycle electrical appliances which have come to the end of their life.

Washing Machine – Schools – How WEEE Works – Recycle IT

How Washing Machines Work

Firstly, the drums are magic, they can and have been reused for many different purposes including patio heater, foot stools, storage units, light shades and garden planters.  Overtime we discovered that there where many other cool parts that could reused again for other projects.

Some of  the usual parts found in a washing machine include

  • Water inlet control valve:
  • Water pump:
  • Inner drum:
  • External drum:
  • Agitator / rotating disk:
  • Motor:
  • Timer:
  • Printed circuit board (PCB): T
  • Drain pipe:
  • Plug:
  • Block:

How do you think these parts might be reused or recycled? Well we have lots interesting facts which we presented and share as part of interactive style workshop. It is ideal for school children aged 8 – 10 and especially children with lots of questions.

The workshop can be presented during the school year and we’ll even bring, Wally the Washing Machine as guest of honor! Kids get to see and touch parts and discuss alternative uses for them. If you school is interested in this free and educational session please call us on 01 4578321. Due to limited resources,  How WEEE Works is only available in the Dublin area at present.

First to take part

Picture below you will see a How WEEE Works Demonstration Workshop at Scoil Aonghusa Senior, Balrothery, Tallaght,  Dublin 24. This workshop was completed as part of Eco Week 2016 and was arranged in association with South Dublin County Council. We want to say a big thanks to students for getting ready involved.

How WEEE Works
How WEEE Works @ Scoil Aonghusa Senior, Dublin 24

We plan to offer this workshop to a small number of schools based in south Dublin. It’s a great way for us to learn more and for kids to hear and see how people can reused, recover and recycle  everyday home appliances. Hopefully we can encourage the next generation to recycling leading to a positive impact on the environment.

What we do daily! 

Recycle IT are very happy to arrange a collection of old electrical or electronic items from your school including batteries in the WEEE Ireland Blue Battery Boxes. Your school might have item stored away or you might like to arrange a WEEE to School Collection Day as part of an environmental awareness campaign such as the Green Flag, whatever the reason give us a call.

To learn more about Recycle IT please visit our website. To learn more about our school workshops please contact Una or John on 01 4578321 or email

Recycle IT – Green NGO of the Year Finalist 2017

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