14 Green Tips for 2016

2016 green greetings

The end of 2015, no doubt has created endless or what seems like endless waste. From wrapping paper, cards, food waste, electronic packaging, waste batteries and of course damaged lights and the Christmas tree.

Speaking of trees, did you know, one tree is needed to make about 3,000 cards. We didn’t, but we do know most greeting cards end up in the bins, so please make sure it’s the paper recycling bin!

Recycled IT Christmas Lights
Recycled IT Christmas Lights

In 2013 Repak suggested that over the Christmas period, Irish households would consume over 5 million boxes of chocolates, 22 million bottles of wine and drink more than 48 million bottles of beer. What will the figure be this year as people have a bit more to spend? We bet it will be higher and therefore more waste and recycling will be generated as a result.

We have 14 tips to help start staying green in 2016 

  1. Buy LED  lights in the post Christmas sales (save energy next year)
  2. Have rechargeable batteries on hand to use for those gadgets and toys.
  3. Think reusable around the house including cooking trays and dishware.
  4. Deliver all 2016 presents in eco-friendly or recycled wrapping paper.
  5. Send e- cards around the world all year round.
  6. Make a conscious effort to reduce junk mail e.g. clothes and toy catalogs.
  7. Recycle old electronics such as laptops computers, tablets, mobile phones and cables.
  8. Take reusable bags shopping.
  9. Save and reuse wine and gift bags.
  10. Practice “pre-cycling” by taking recycling or reuse into consideration when you buy. e.g. buy refills or gifts with only a little packaging.
  11. Metal tins can be reused or recycled.
  12. Fruit and veg peelings make a great ingredient for the composting bin.
  13. Unplug all electrical appliances when your finish using to save energy.
  14. Take your real Christmas tree for recycling.
Recycling Christmas Trees
Recycling Christmas Trees

In Dublin there are Christmas Tree recycling services for residents in most areas so there is no need to put the tree in the bin or on the kerbside to waste away!

Remember to recycle all you can this Year and if you have electrical or electronic items please call Recycle IT on 014578321 and we will happily arrange a collection.

Happy 2016


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