Office Sustainability -32 Tips to Reduce and Save!

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Office waste mainly consists of electrical, electronic, cardboard, paper, packaging and food waste, all of which can be reused, recycled or composted.

Mixed waste also turns up in the office. Items like glass or plastic bottles, plastic cups, coffee cups, and sandwiches wrappers to name a few. These items can all be segregated and recycled in the office or you could encourage staff to reusable coffee cups or Tupperware.

Office at Recycle IT

The benefits of introducing a program of reducing, reusing and recycling include;

  • Big euro savings in time on waste disposal costs.
  • Boost to staff morale with a focus on reducing, reuse and recycling.
  • Demonstrates the organisation’s commitment to the environment.
  • Enhanced public perception of your organization as a green organization.
  • Promotes a green agenda with your trading partners.
  • Offer time and cost saving opportunities to staff.  

Below you will find some tips that can be easily implemented and integrated into the day-to-day running of the office and office building. They may result in reduced office supplies usage, time ordering and money spent.

General Office – Recycle IT 

Tips on How to Reduce Office Waste

  1. The organisation should be encouraged to go almost paperless by developing a short and simple plan through collaboration!
  2. Only print if there is a real need for a hard copy.
  3. Meeting clients or colleagues online to save resources.
  4. Use e-mail or instant messages to save paper, time and money.
  5. Share team and event calendars.
  6. Draft documents can be reviewed on-screen before emailing.
  7. Reports and presentation should be electronic only
  8. If paper is required, use FSCcertified paper
  9. Research purchasing printers which print double-sided copies only.
  10. Photocopy and print double-sided.
  11. Scrap paper can be used to make note pads to take phone messages.
  12. Introduce a centralized office filing system. This reduces multiple files,
  13. Enable the reuse of paper envelopes by putting a label on top of the old address.
  14.  Cut down on excess equipment sitting in the store, going out of date, e.g. electrical and electronic office equipment.
  15. Regularly service office equipment, particularly computers, photocopiers, and printers, to prolong their lifespan.
  16. When equipment reaches its end of life use a registered and licensed electrical and electronic recycler to ensure equipment is safely made ready for reuse and recycling.
  17. Employees should regularly empty out their desk and return any unwanted office supplies to the stationery cupboard.
  18. Free or fee-based online newspaper subscription can reduce the amount of paper to be recycled.
  19. Cancel any unwanted magazine or newspaper subscriptions to avoid unwanted waste accumulating.
  20. Reuse binders and file folders.
  21. Office announcements can be posted online, sent via email or posted once in a centralized monitor or TV screen.
  22. Consider renting office equipment that you use only occasionally rather than having to store it in the workplace.
  23. Encourage colleagues to bring lunch to work in reusable containers.
  24. Encourage management to have reusable silverware, plates and cups and a small coffee station in the office.
  25. Research and purchase products with less packaging or with no packaging at all.
  26. Install filtered water rather than a water cooler.
  27. Give your team a reusable water bottle.
  28. Offer secure bike parking.
  29. Source used office desks and lockers (if required).
  30. Unplug office equipment when not in use or overnight.
  31. Work from home when possible.
  32. Offer unused or surplus items to other organisations for reuse – e.g. 
Office Paper Shred - Recycle IT
Paper – Recycle IT

About Recycle IT

Recycle IT is an award-winning social enterprise providing recycling collection and drop off services for all types of waste electrical, electronic equipment (WEEE) and pure metal items.

During 2018 Recycle IT operated drop off and collection services to tens of thousands of homes, schools, charities and businesses across Dublin and surrounding areas collecting a range of WEEE which includes thousands of batteries, computers, cables, monitors, kettles.  microwaves and screens.

Recycle IT services are provided in partnership with WEEE Ireland. Recycle IT is supported by the Department of Rural and Community Development, Dormant Accounts Fund, Pobal, South Dublin County Council and authorized by the National Waste Collection Permit Office and the local authorities across Dublin, Kildare, and Wicklow.

For further details about our free and cost-effective services call us on 01 4578321, email or visit the Recycle IT website at

Recycle IT – Repak Award Winner 2019 – WEEE Champion

Bogus – Fake – Phony – Recycling Collections – Watch out?

At different times in the year, you may receive a flyer promoting free recycling days for old, damaged or unused items.  These collections can be for household or office equipment including clothes, metal, electrical or garden tools.

What a great idea! I can reduce, recycle and de-clutter my home or office, but do you dare to think these collectors might unregulated or illegal?

COUNTY COUNCILS across Dublin at different times have warned residents to ignore these type of collections promoted by paper recycling flyers that have been put through letterboxes. They generally have no waste permit or collection permit numbers noted.

This flyer advertises a ‘Free  Jumble Recycling Day’ with the opportunity to dispose of all sorts of things; car batteries, laptops, TVs, wardrobes and much more, stuff that wouldn’t be allowed in a regular recycling bin and would generally require a paid collection or drop off to a recycling centre.

Bogus Recycling
Real or Unreal – Household Recycling Flyer

These flyers are usually bogus, should be ignored and handing items over can lead to illegal dumping of your stuff and penalties if the material is identified as belonging to you!

Bogus Recycling – a reality

Think about it, when you take the time to carry your old TV or radio down the stairs, you might actually be handing it over to someone who simply loads it up onto a truck for delivery to a developing country or alternatively takes a few parts out and leaves the remainder on an Irish county road in the dark of night.

Is handing these items over to a no-named collector in a non-authorized or unlicensed waste collection van the right choice?

Waste Items - Metal and Electrical
Waste Items – Metal and Electrical

Unofficial Collectors 

Depending on market prices collector can generate an income by sending products to other countries or by simply by dumping the items. This is particularly true for recycling computer, tablets, TV’s monitors, printers and other electronic items. Recycling electrical and electronic items officially costs more in Europe but the collector can get paid for exporting them to buyers in developing countries who will remove the metals for resale but won’t pay to protect their staff or their communities from the toxic emissions and waste.

As the price of metal increases washing machines, tumble dryers and dishwashers are becoming increasingly attractive items for unofficial recyclers. These items are stripped locally and unprofitable waste is disposed of in hedgerows and fields making our communities untidy, dismal and possibly toxic places to live.

Costs of Illegal Dumping

One example of waste costs comes from Dublin City Council who spends on average €55,000 every month dealing with illegal dumping around the city, that’s nearly €700,000 per year (Source:  This money and similar amounts from other county council areas could be saved and reinvested in local communities if illegal collection and dumping could be stopped.

Electrical Waste for Collection - Recycle IT
Electrical Waste for Collection – Recycle IT

The disposal of rubbish in any area of land in Ireland without licensed approval and permission is illegal. It is punishable by fines from €150 up to €10 million upon conviction and 10 years’ imprisonment. In order to know more about a bogus collection, we have compiled the list below.

14 tips on spotting a Bogus Recycling Collection?

  1. The leaflet presenting the collections service is of low quality.
  2. The collector does not provide a waste facility address on leaflets
  3. The waste facility license number is not visible on the leaflet.
  4. There is no landline telephone listed on printed materials.
  5. The phone is never answered when called.
  6. An email address is omitted from the flyer or poster.
  7. The collector has no website or social media presence.
  8. Collection vehicles don’t have a waste collection permit number on display. (required by law)
  9. Collections are made outside of traditional business hours.
  10. Collection representatives don’t have any formal identification.
  11. Only certain waste items are collected i.e. the most valuable.
  12. A bogus charity may be named on the collection flyers or posters.
  13. No help or support is offered to move or lift heavy electrical items from homes or businesses.
  14. No personal service or advice is offered on recycling different products.

It’s complicated!

It’s not an easy process to determine whether a recycler is exporting or illegal dumping your once loved stuff including electrical or electronic waste like hairdryers or phones. You can’t just go by what they say! Some will use environmental or charitable causes that sound good, but they are still unofficial. If you have a gut feeling it’s not right, follow that feeling and don’t leave the items out for collection.

Ask yourself the question – Who’s Paying?

One way to determine an official collector v unofficial collector is to figure out who is paying the recycling cost. If it’s free for you to recycle, then who is paying? A manufacturer? The State? Local Authority? If you are not paying, and there is no clear sponsor paying the costs for collection and recycling, please question the validity of the collector.  For example, Recycle IT is social enterprises who received some funds and also generate an income from responsible recycling.

Official Electrical Recycling Collection - Recycle IT
Official Electrical Recycling Collection – Recycle IT

About Recycle IT

Recycle IT is the only Community Electronic Recycling Social Enterprise in Dublin providing a neighbourhood collection service for all types of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE). During 2019 Recycle IT offered collection services to thousands of homes, community groups and businesses across Dublin and surrounding areas collecting a range of WEEE including monitors, computers, cookers, and TV equipment.

Recycle IT services are provided in partnership with WEEE Ireland. Recycle IT are supported by the Department of Rural and Community Development. Pobal, South Dublin County Council and authorized by the National Waste Collection Permit Office and the local authorities across Dublin, Kildare and Wicklow.

IMG_0453 (2)
Recycle IT – Repak Award Winner 2019 – WEEE Champion

Visit our website for further details or call 01 4578321.

European Week for Waste Reduction 2020

Starts November 21st 

With Christmas approaching, we are reminding people to repurpose, reuse, repair and recycle in order to reduce waste and save resources before and during the festive season!


The European Week for Waste Reduction (EWWR) encourages all Europeans to practice and carry out awareness-raising actions about sustaining resources and managing waste during a single week in November and after!

European Week for Waste Reduction (EWWR) runs from November 21st until November 29th 2020. The focus of the week is on reducing invisible waste created in all EU States including Ireland.

Invisible waste” refers to the large amount of waste generated during the manufacturing process for products. Did you know to manufacture a smartphone weighing less than 200 grams and create its beautiful packaging generates an unbelievable 86 kilograms of waste – about as heavy as a large Kangaroo! (Click 86 KG to watch the video)

Poster – Click above

This year, the EWWR challenges you to get informed and raise awareness on the huge amount of waste that we all unconsciously generate. You can encourage a range of audiences including family, friends, elected councillors, local business, and your community to do more at a local level to reduce waste.

  • Some objectives for you might be:
    • to raise awareness about waste reduction, product reuse and material recycling at home, in school or work
    • to decide on actions to reduce waste – e.g. reduce packaging from shopping.
    • communicate actions with others in your network
    • try to communicate in a way which leads to simple behaviour changes regarding buying and waste creation.

If you wish you can take part of the EWWR in three different ways:

  1. Action developer: this is for public authorities, associations, NGOs, businesses, educational establishments, another bodies or individual citizens interested in carrying out an awareness-raising action on waste reduction, reuse or recycling during next EWWR
  2. Participants: this is for an individual or a group wanting to participate in an action taking place during the EWWR
  3. EWWR Coordinator: this is for a public authority competent in the field of waste prevention, interested in coordinating the Week in your area
Helpful Links

Read more about European Week for Waste Reduction and how to take part here

To learn more or get involved in European Week for Waste Reduction please visit the website

This is also an area of concern which you might like to read about – Invisible but everywhere – the growing spread of microplastics via The Irish Times – click here to open.

About Recycle IT

Recycle IT is a friendly, needs driven recycler, recycling all types of waste electrical and electronic equipment. Collections are offered to homes, communities, educators and charities at no charge. Community engagement is achieved in many ways including building good relationships, offering collections and providing people with real help in lifting and moving equipment.  Recycle IT engage young and old, schools, charities and business and encourage reduce, reuse and recycle with the message reinforced through flyers, community events, workshops, newsletters, regular blog posts and recognition.

Please note – door to door community collections are on hold during Covid 19 restrictions

You can email Recycle IT here, call our team on 01 4578321 or visit our website to get more information.

Van with Recycle IT Logo

Recycling Centres Close to You in Dublin!

What’s New!

In a further effort to tackle illegal dumping former Environment Minister Richard Bruton launched an interactive map which identifies legal waste collection companies operating in Ireland. The reports the government spent €1.2 million on projects aimed at tackling illegal dumping in 2017 and approx. €2 million in 2018. The Echo Newspaper also reported in 2019 that South Dublin County Council alone has spent over €10 million removing waste from illegal dumping since 2011.

Waste Site
Selection of Waste Facility in Dublin

This map of legal waste recycling sites was launched in a bid to tackle illegal dumping. As you know illegal dumping of all types and quantities of waste is a big concern for many communities across the country.  This interactive map aims to help identify legal waste collection companies. A link to the map can be found below.

Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE)

In Dublin, you will find a range of recycling services and facilities which will accept old electrical items used at home. As well as reducing the volume of waste going to landfill, these centres help to recycle and compost domestic waste and can you save some money.

Many items used in homes across Ireland can be recycled. The benefits of recycling include a cleaner environment, the safe disposal of hazardous materials, greater awareness of excess packaging and a careful approach to the use and re-use of materials.

Old Electrical Items for Recycling
Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) – Recycle IT

If we take electrical items, there has been approx 75 million waste electrical items recycled since 2005, that’s over 70 electrical items per household in Ireland but 1 in 4 Irish people are still hoarding or putting electrical waste in the bins at home. (Source: WEEE Ireland).

This post is all about encouraging you to recycle electrical items alongside other items at a local recycling centre. By taking action you will save the environment and money so please don’t place the electrical items in the bin (any bin) visit a recycling centre!

We have compiled a list (all on one page) of waste electrical recycling centres and services in Dublin. These are drop off centre for household items. If you need a collection Recycle IT can help. (Home or Business customers)

Recycling Centres in Dublin (Drop Off)

There are recycling centres located across Dublin which will take back household electrical items and lots of other waste items.

Waste by Image
Waste by Image

The main centres/services are listed below:

If you are interested in offering items for reuse you can visit

Trade and business waste equipment are usually not accepted at Household Waste Recycling Centres. Recycle IT will support small and medium-sized businesses to recycle dual purpose electrical and electronic waste.  It’s always a good idea to call the centres in advance of a recycling visit. The call can ensure to don’t make a wasted trip.

Recycling Services – Collection and Drop Off

Recycle IT support householders, charities, community groups, schools and business with electrical and electronic recycling services in Dublin and the surrounding areas. Services offers are complementary to those offered by the Local Authorities across Dublin.

Services include a free drop off for domestic or dual-purpose electrical or electronic equipment with collection services available on request. Collection services are offered free to groups listed above with a cost-effective collection service is offered to business recyclers and or those with an immediate need.

Householders in Dublin City and surrounding areas can also bring their unwanted electrical items (WEEE) to a number of recycling centres promoted or operated by their Local Authority. At these centres, people can dispose of items such as toasters, cookers, kettles, or lamps, really any domestic appliance.

Alternatively, householders can take back WEEE to retailers free of charge. The take-back system usually operators on a one-for-one basis, i.e. you can exchange an old toaster for a new one but it’s usually not possible to return a fridge freezer while purchasing a new hairdryer. A number of large retailers actively promote this scheme so keep an eye out.

Recycle IT - WEEE Collection Service
Recycling Collection Service – Recycle IT –

About Recycle IT

Recycle IT is an award-winning not for profit social enterprise providing a collection and drop off service for all types of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE). During 2018 Recycle IT offer to drop off and collection services to thousands of homes, and businesses across Dublin and surrounding areas collecting a range of WEEE which includes thousands of computers, cables, monitors, microwaves, cookers, dryers and TVs and much more.

Recycle IT services are provided in partnership with WEEE Ireland. Recycle IT are supported by Pobal, South Dublin County Council and authorized by the National Waste Collection Permit Office and the local authorities across Dublin, Kildare and Wicklow.

Social Enterprise - Open for Business
Recycle IT are a Social Enterprise – Open for Business

Visit our website for further details.

Recycle IT – Working with COVID-19 Level 5


Following a recent Cabinet meeting the Government has decided to take further measures in an effort to stop the spread of Covid-19. All counties in Ireland will be at Level 5 from midnight on Wednesday October 21st 2020. This follows the measures were already in place.

Based on Government decisions all counties will be at Level 5 throughout November 2020 with the restrictions remaining in place for a period of 6 weeks. The situation will be continually reviewed by the Government, based on the status of the virus and public health advice.


The priority is to keep schools, early learning and childcare services open and minimise disruption to essential services. This means that some services will be moved online and some businesses will be closed. You can learn more by clicking here.

Recycling with Recycle IT

Recycle IT plan to remain open for electrical, electronic and pure metal recycling during Level 5 of the Plan for Living with Covid-19. Electrical recycling services will continue in Dublin City and County during the duration of Level 5.

Recycle IT will be unable to offer our personal collection service due to capacity restrictions. We will continue to service organisations, schools, community group and charities. We will be open for electrical, electronic and pure metal recycling drop off. You will find our address and a location map here.

COVID-19 Public Health Advice

Some of our staff team will be able to work from home. Others delivering services directly to the public with be working safely from our facility in Clondalkin, Dublin 22. The team will following all health and safety guidelines with a focus on those specific to COVID 19. Team members will have there temperature recorded daily with hand washing, hand sanitization and social distancing a priority.

Phone calls will be answered during the hours of 9.30 am and 3.30 pm. Email is the best form of communication and will be monitored Monday to Friday from 9 am and 5 pm.

Help Prevent COVID 19

If you wish to avail of an electrical recycling collection for your school or community group in Dublin Recycle IT will make every effort to support.

It is worth noting all items for recycling will need to be accessible, disconnected and ready for collection. Recycle IT teams will be following social distancing guidelines. They are happy to collect the electronic and electrical equipment from drives, parking areas, outside common areas and other accessible & clear external location. We ask recyclers to remain mindful of social distancing and hand hygiene guidelines when recycling.

If you need further information on COVID 19 updates are available on the HSE-HPSC Website (updated daily at 12 noon) together with guidance and other relevant information.

About Recycle IT

Recycle IT, is an award-winning social enterprise offering electrical, electronic and metal recycling services through drop off and collection. Services are provided in partnership with WEEE Ireland and South Dublin County Council.

Recycle IT are supported by the Department of Rural and Community Development, Pobal and Dormant Accounts and authorised by the National Waste Collection Permit Office and the local authorities across in Leinster.

For more information on Recycle IT please call 01 4578321, email or visit our website

Truck with Recycle IT Logo